Or do you? A month ago those were exciting words to see. Now I don't even bother looking. Why?

Because all referrals are not equal.  Do me a favor. If you sign up under me, plan to do some work. And if I sign up under you don't expect Super Surfer.

Traffic exchanges exist for one reason; to bring interested parties to your site. In the words of  Doug Forbes of Conversion Surf and Traffic Delivers, traffic exchanges Advertise Advertising to Advertisers.

This means simply that your job on traffic exchanges is to drive buyers to your site. They are NOT money makers, regardless of what the hype on the sign-up page looks like. Unless you LOVE surfing, there is no real reason to spend hours clicking, join teams and chatting. Auto Surfs are useless, no one is looking at the advertisements and even if they are they see the same sites over and over again.
I found myself clicking on a site the other day, so that I could be first in a contest. About 2:00 AM I realized that I was on serious autopilot, all that had registered in my brain was the game I was playing. I hadn't read an ad in over 3 hours.

This morning I re-read Dougs Triple A plan. Then I surfed a few current sites, signed up and surfed two new ones, dropped 3 and  then went outside for a walk.

If you decide to join me under any of the programs on these pages, please do the same.


November 19th, 2013


How to Place Free Ads Online.
Do free ads work?  YES!  you just need to be consistent in posting ads everyday!.  The good news is that you can find free ads!:    To place a  free  online classified go to a search engine such as  Google, aol, yahoo and type  keywords on the browser  such as:    'free ads', 'free classifieds', 'advertising for free', 'free business ads', etc. for free websites that you can advertise about your gift basket business or the business opportunity.

The more advertising techniques you use in the internet marketplace , eventually the more internet traffic you will have and the more revenue you will make .
The Question ( Do Free Classified Ads Work ? )Yes, they do.
So why is it that some people claim that their post is not getting any views or their ad is not effective?
Below are some tips on free classifed ads
Remember, always be consistent in placing ads. The more consistent you are, the better results you will produce.


  #1. Always place your ad in the correct category: Heading of a post is like the face of a person ; it gives visitors a first impression of your post . If your post is published in a category that is not suitable , you are moving forward to the irrelevant visitors as those visitors that are searching in that category will not be interested in your post at all.

#2. Make sure your classified Ad caption is interesting enough . If your Ad heading is not grabbing their attention , your visitors who are just surfing through will not think about clicking on your post . Most of the time , people click on the posts based on the heading.

#3. Your classified Ad is getting many views but no one actually contacts you . If your Ad is gaining a lot of views but no one contacts you , it probably means that you have made an Ad with an interesting title but your Ad description is not attracting visitors to actually contact you after they have finished reading it. The ad description should be brief. The ad should describe just the most important features of your service or product. It should focus on all the strengths of your service or product and should encourage the users to visit your website . Include the most suitable keywords in your ad description.
#4 . If available, always include photos with your classified ads. Photos can be a logo, your services or products . Ads with photos tend to get more views compared to text ads.

#5. Always add contact details like your business address , fax , phone number and email address. This helps the visitors to contact you and gain their trust.

All these keys will add value to your free classified Ads .This information is extremely important. You will need to get your visitor's attention to achieve your goal. Online Classifieds are zero risk and cost free . Free Ads are one of the most simple and fast growing free promotional sources for your product or business. You should always respect the free classified services. Ads are a simple and easy but effective tool of announcing your business into the marketplace, and they should be an essential part of your internet marketing plan.

I know you are excited and want to see success right away. However, I need to remind you  that Internet Marketing  will not make you rich overnight, but it can produce an incredible amount of money for you and your family over time. This is a real business and not a get rich quick scheme.   Just remember that anything  worth building takes time. The best part of this business is that you can generate two incomes. You can work on referral programs (and generate a nice income) while you build your a customer base.    


Learn to set weekly goals.  Goals will keep you focused and on target.  Forr example, how many ads are you placing this week?  What new advertising methods are you implementing this week?  How many sales or referrals do you want to have this week from your site?  How many referrals do you want to sign up with your business this week?

ALWAYS have 5 types of advertising going on at the same time, each and every week, this is very important.  There are  many advertising methods on the Internet.  They all work. The key thing is to be consistent. DON'T start a method of advertising unless you can commit to it. You need to try it 6 whole times before evaluating whether or not it is working for you!

Put yourself on a schedule and make  the time  to work the business. Stick to the schedule no matter what. If you treat this business like a business, it will pay you like a business. If you are consistent with your business, it will grow. In the end, you will look back and be so glad that you built your business as opposed to not doing so.


    I've spent a few years wandering around the Internet trying to make a living online. I've favored Traffic Exchanges , so these pages include some of my favorites. As I discover other enterprises of interest, I'll add them here and hopefully be witty in the bargin.  Enjoy!


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